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                                   GROUPS: FAMILY

Family group programs are a specialty of ours. There

are many options available for families built around

a fly fishing experience.  The first question is what are

you trying to accomplish?  Is the main purpose of the

trip to introduce youngsters or spouses to fly fishing?

  Or, is everyone already an accomplished fly fisher

and you have some non-fishing members in the family

so you need a destination that has something for

everyone?  Are you looking to “rough it” or looking for

a comfortable, high-end type trip?  For instance, float

trips where you spend several nights on the river are

fun for some groups while others wouldn't ever

consider them.  

When examining the possibilities, it does start with lots

of questions because the variables with each family group

are different.  Our general approach is to identify the

make-up ofthe group and then present different options

which may satisfy the objectives of the trip.

Planning for groups usually requires lots of lead time. 

When we’re looking for space with a quality outfitter or lodge where we need multiple rooms, finding availability for the entire group for specific dates can be a challenge.


Corporate groups come in more different flavors and sizes than even family groups.  We have done everything from a trip built around a board meeting for 5 or 6 execs to an “executive retreat” that included an overnight float trip on the South Fork of the Snake River and a few nights at a luxury hotel for a few meetings.  Programs can be put together built around introducing newcomers to fly fishing or creating a friendly, competitive environment with fly fishing as the centerpiece.

The general approach is similar in many ways to planning family trips:  identify the make-up of the group and determine what the corporate planner wants to accomplish with the overall experience.

As with families, planning far in advance is necessary….not only to get space at the selected destination, but you also have many busy personal schedules to contend with and that usually takes time to coordinate.

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Don Muelrath
Fly Fishing Adventures

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