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                                NEW ZEALAND

The wonders and charms of New Zealand make it a

wonderful vacation destination, even without considering

the fly fishing.  However, the fly fishing for rainbows and

browns is truly unique in all the world, both in terms of

size of fish and the challenging and exciting stalking

approach used on its crystalline rivers and streams.


​Generally, we specialize in the “quality” rather than

“quantity” aspect of trout fishing in New Zealand – i.e.,

stalking lunkers on streams and rivers without footprints

on the streams edge.  Usually, we avoid the “famous rivers” because, even in New Zealand, the famous rivers have deep footpaths worn near their banks.  However, our primary objective is to create an itinerary that meets the objectives of the traveler and if those objectives ​​incorporate some of the “famous rivers” and waters withGreater numbers of smaller fish, then they are included.  

We do enjoy the aspect that some of our favorite streams and rivers don't even warrant a mention in most of the many books about “where to fly fish in New Zealand.”  We believe that having the right guide (or fishing from the “right lodge”) is the key to getting to the right waters.

In some areas, helicopters are an asset (albeit, often an expensive option) in finding the best waters.  However, in other places, copters are not used to uncover some of New Zealand’s finest water – it’s the guide and his local knowledge that is key in these locales.  Generally, an itinerary will include suggestions for both approaches.

Overall, itinerary planning for New Zealand is a personalized process because of the many options, budgetary considerations, and different approaches.  A couples itinerary will have different elements than a “hard core” fishing itinerary – unless the couple are both “hard core” fly fishers (i.e., addicts).

Accommodations range from farm stays and campouts to “world class” fly fishing lodges and luxury country inns.  Many of the finest places we’ve ever stayed in all our world-wide travels have been rural or country New Zealand inns or lodges – there is an amazing array of these properties.

The planning process starts with reviewing tentative itineraries that may meet the travelers objectives.  Those tentative itineraries create discussion points and we begin a “massaging process” until the perfect itinerary is defined.

Ideally, if geography allows, part of the planning process includes getting together for our “slide tour” of New Zealand where an understanding of the many options can be visually observed.

As with many of the world’s top fly fishing destinations, the top guides and  lodges in NZ book up early for the prime time – often as early as 12 months ahead.

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