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When considering a destination, the best possible way to develop an understanding of the possibilities and experiences is to view one of our slide presentations.  We have slide presentations on the topics listed below.  You can either view them in our fly fishing theatre in the Napa Valley or by appointment in your home or office, assuming your geographical proximity allows.  We are also available for presentations to small groups of friends or large clubs.

Stalking The World’s Great Gamefish      
         With A Fly Rod
Africa - Tigerfishing and Safari
The Seychelles
Giant Brookies of the Minipi
Fly Fishing Photography: The Basics
Belize Flats Fishing
New Zealand - A fly Rod Tour
Peacock Bass In The Amazon
Eastern Idaho
Colorado - Private Waters
Pecos River Ranch, New Mexico
Dean River Steelhead
Moose Lake Lodge, BC
Fernie - Elk River, BC
South Fork of the Snake Canyon
Overnight Float
Ascension Bay
Espirito Santo Bay
Crocodile Bay, Cost Rica
Saltwater Flats Destinations Compared
Patagonia - The Andes
The Chilean Fjords
Thrills of Sight Fishing - THE HUNT
Christmas Island
Corporate Trip Ideas

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