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                            MEXICAN YUCATAN

The Mexican Yucatan is home to a surprising good

selection of salt water flats destinations.  From the

established and world renowned Ascension Bay

bonefish/permit lodges to the new “baby tarpon”

fisheries further up the coast,  there are fine

salt water flats opportunities here.

​Starting in the south and moving north, there are the

sister lodges Playa Blanca and Casa Blanca, both owned

and operated by the same owner, Bobby Settles.  These

two lodges have developed “world class” reputations

over many years, although they do have different



​Playa Blanca is located on a spectacular beach just north

of Espiritu Santo Bay and the focus of the fishery are the

flats of that bay and the many inland lagoons east of the

lodge.  Playa Blanca has gained a reputation as a good

spot to take a non-fishing spouse as there is an ambiance

and activities here that facilitate a couples trip.

A few miles up the coast, on the southern edge of Ascension Bay, is Casa Blanca Lodge.  Casa Blanca is more of a hard-core fly fisherman’s lodge than it’s sister, Playa Blanca.  The extensive waters of  Ascension Bay are the target of Casa Blanca.  At both lodges, permit and bonefish are the primary targets with occasional opportunities for baby tarpon and snook.

Another of this areas “world class” experiences is Boca Paila.  Boca Paila is a family run operation with a focus on the fishery in the lagoons and flats north of Ascension Bay.  Like Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca, the primary species are bonefish and permit with occasional shots at baby tarpon and snook.


Situated on the Western coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the Tarpon Coast offers a magnificent shallow water habitat and some of the best baby tarpon fishing in the world! Over forty miles of coastline allows dedicated anglers to explore an incredible variety of shallow water flats, bays and interior lagos and lagoons in pursuit of one of the world's great gamefish. And when the day is done, anglers can enjoy the old world charms of Campeche, a city steeped in Mexican and Mayan culture.

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Playa Blanca:

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