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                                  AMAZON, BRAZIL


The Amazon, a truly unique spot for a fly fishing adventure…..

and adventure definitely applies to this trip.  What we

enjoyed the most about this trip is that it was so different

from all the other salt water or fresh water trips we’ve taken.

The Peacock Bass is a terrific sport fish on a fly.  It grows

to large sizes (15 and 20+ pound fish are not uncommon)

and is a beautiful finned creature.  They are aggressive

takers and, when the water levels are right, the norm is

150 to 300 fish weeks.  Of the many other species that are

available, the Arowana is the most spectacular because

you can stalk them near the surface and take them on top.

They are also a beautiful fish, with large silver scales

similar to a tarpon.Our destination of choice is a “fly fishing,

catch and release only” lodge – the only one of its kind in the

Amazon.  It is located on a unique clear water river which

facilitates sight fishing and, because its located in a special

nature preserve, can only be fished by clients of this

particular lodge (see link to detailed trip report below).

This particular lodge is only four years old and has quickly developed a very loyal following of repeat clients making space very difficult to obtain.  We hold three blocks of space (4 to 6 spots each) during the prime time.  The entire prime season is sold out for next year and we are still 11 months away.  If this trip is on your list of things to do, better get on the wait list now.

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Don Muelrath
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