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                            CHRISTMAS ISLAND

In 1985, Christmas Island provided the first salt water

flats experience for my son, Scott, and I.  It still serves

as one of the world’s best destinations for a “first-timers”

salt water flats trip.  Also, many veteran anglers have

been returning here for several years to pursue the

island’s bonefish and trevally.

Christmas is famous for it’s large numbers of 3 - 6 pound

bonefish with double digit fish possible.  The trevally

can be huge, especially the giant trevally.  GT’s

(giant trevally) over 50 pounds have been taken via

the fly on the flats.  Offshore fishing is also available

if a change of pace is welcome during your week.

Accommodations and general ambiance could best be

described as “South Pacific Island style” – pretty basic. 

You won’t find anything comparable to the luxury resorts

and spas in Fiji.

Christmas Island is the world’s largest coral atoll with an

area of 248 square miles, about half of which is lagoons

and flats.  It’s located just north of the equator, about 1,300

miles south of Hawaii.
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